About The HSV Group, A 501(c)(3) Corporation

Welcome to the HSV Group. We’ve created several platforms and events to honor and reward our nation’s future leaders. They include the Club Valedictorian platform, the ValPak2020 program and the 2021 First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum. These three efforts will provide resources to enrich their future goals, insuring that inner-city and other low-income communities will be included.

The Club Valedictorian is a social and career search engine for past, present and future valedictorians. Here they can share their experiences and ideas in regards to postgraduate educational institutions and careers spanning a multitude of industries.

Our Nation’s Most Valued Asset

ValPak2020, or Valedictorian Package, is a fundraising organization that will involve the valedictorian’s family members, friends, community businesses and classmates. These funds will be awarded to the 2020 valedictorians to cover the everyday expenses during their first year of college. It will take care of a round trip airline ticket to and from college, textbooks, groceries, college apparel, student meals and much more. This will take some of the financial pressure off of the students so they can direct their efforts on their studies and social life.

Destination Hawaii, a 30-year-old event management company, was creating the 2020 First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum for a July, 2020 event in Waikiki. Unfortunately, the virus forced us to cancel our plans. The adage is still true, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! We are now creating the 2021 First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum, to be held in Waikiki, July 11 out 17, 2021. Our goal is to assemble more than 7,500 of our nation’s most valued assets and introduce them to our country’s Fortune 1000 companies and some of the most prestigious postgraduate colleges and universities in America.

Our Core Assets

Building Relationships For Their Future:

The students will meet hundreds of educational organizations and corporations related to their interests and passions.

Giving Back To The Earth:

Valedictorians will have the opportunity to remediate the Waikiki District as a mighty force.

Connecting With Their Peers:

During this one-week forum, all of the students will create new contacts and friendships that will last a lifetime.

College Scholarships:

The HSV Group will set up a college scholarship fund that will be awarded to students based on financial need.

Is The HSVF2021 Totally Paid For?

Yes, if a valedictorian brings one dollar with them, they will not spend it and will return home with that same dollar.

Will The Students Be Safe Attending the 2021 HSVF?

Honolulu, Hawaii is the second safest city in our nation .

The Nation’s Famous High School Valedictorians

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Jeff Bezos

CEO Amazon

Alicia Keys

Grammy Award R&B Winer

Planning Our Future

Club Valedictorian is a social media app consisting of high school valedictorians dating back to 2010. The app will consist of detailed information about these valedictorians from around the country from thousands of high schools.

This app allows only valedictorians to be able to communicate and share their college and career experiences. They can learn from each other on how to navigate through their future:

  • The younger valedictorians can learn from the more seasoned ones from past years
  • Learn of internship programs available during their college years
  • Learn about career opportunities throughout the nation
  • Keep in contact for social and business purposes
  • Share ideas and experiences during their "after high school" days

















High-Tech Inventors


Our News

March 3, 2020

2020 First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum-Cancelled

The 2020 event was cancelled due to the virus. This two-year project has now moved to 2021 and it will be much bigger, more successful and more fun for the 2021 high school valedictorians and all involved.

March 27, 2020

HSV Group Announces 2021 First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum

The HSV Group has selected the week of July 11 out 17, 2021 for the First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum. Destination Hawaii, the appointed event management company from Honolulu, will be organizing the forum. They will coordinate the valedictorian’s round-trip airfare, transportation, resort selection and assignments, all meals, two educational tours and activities, two day forum to meet the corporations and postgraduate educational institutions, evening events and entertainment, final night concert event and more.

This is a “chance of a lifetime” for our valedictorians to commence building relationships with corporations and postgraduate educational institutions for their future benefit. The corporations and educational institutions are looking forward to meeting their future company leaders and attendees.

about us

The HSV Group is a non-profit organization that assists past, present and future high school valedictorians. We have several platforms and events including the 2021 First Annual High School Valedictorian Forum, ValPak, a bundled package of goods and services to help the valedictorians with everyday life in college and Club Valedictorian. This is a social networking platform, exclusively for high school valedictorians only.

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